Hello Pat tell us a little bit about yourself?

Yo :) I’m 25. Born in west london. Played drums for 17 years and spent most of the last 10 touring the world. I would consider myself a very lucky kid.

I met you on the Bristol stop of the latest Modestep tour. How was the tour?

The tour was a wicked laugh. It’s always good after being away from your home territory for so long and just playing festivals, to reconnect with your core audience. We also had legendary support acts join us on the bus too. Between Hatcha, and Culprate, along with their two Mc’s ‘Crazy D’ and ‘Maksim’ vibes were sick from day 1.

What made you pick up the drum sticks?

Honestly, my old man. He pretty much steered me through the first bit of my life and made music a massive focus for me. He played guitar in his own bands and as a result, there was usually backline and equipment all over my house as a child. I was obsessed with drums from that point. I had probably also watched Wayne’s world for the first time that year too. It was a great time to be alive.

Drumming is your main passion, do you have any others?

I really don’t. I’m just a music guy. I used to be in to skating when I was younger, but really it was that or drums… My wrists were taking a beating.. So I had to allow it.

Which do you prefer the live element or the studio?

They both have their unique charm and I love being in the studio working with the boys on new material, but I’d be lying if I said my fire didn’t come; mainly from the live side of things.

Do you have a fave genre/tempo?

I just love good music. Always been a big grime fan, but recently I’m listening to a lot of bassline and speed garage. I guess 140 is a good bmp. ?

What is your process for preparing for a gig?

If I’m being totally honest, after sound check I try to stay as relaxed as possible. I hate when there’s too much hussle throughout the day, usually means that the show is gonna be tame or im not gonna give as much energy wise. Staying calm and positive and a solid 20 to 30 minute warm up should make for a decent gig.

How did you hook up with Modestep?

I bumped in to them at their old managers office, who also manage my old band, funeral for a friend. Tony was off to the launch of Call of Duty and we met briefly . I remember leaving the office thinking ” oh shit , they’re the guys that did sunlight ”

What do you like to do on your days off?

Spend time with dogs. I literally love off dogs and if you ever miss home or your mates, go find a chilled dog to pet for a while. I also play Xbox in the back lounge a fair bit! ??

What is your fave tune and where did you first hear it?

The division bell – pink floyd.
I first heard it in a car pool with my mates dad on the way home from school. I was about 5.

Any life lessons you can pass on?

As far as this industry goes, it’s very much a cut throat world out there… So to avoid being fast food i would advise, keeping your feet on the ground at all times while simultaneously never forgetting what you are worth. ??

Who influences you in regards to being a drummer?

Stewart Copeland. – The Police and other legends
Aaron spears – Usher and bare others
Ash Soan – recorded mental high selling pop records and just all round groove master
Julien brown – a master and legend in my eyes. A good mate and drummer of Massive Attack/ Little Mix .. Many others.

You have three minutes to pack a bag what essential items have to be in there?

Mac. In ear monitors, Bluetooth speaker, all necessary chargers and adaptors, my grinder , lucozade original, bare clean boxers, socks and t’s.

any shout outs?

Shout out to everyone in the uk doing their bit for the scene and telling their story. Also big up my boy Macky Gee✌?️

Thank you very much.

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